Join Stenn

Why Join Stenn?

Growth Opportunity
Imagine working for a company that's constantly expanding and exploring new avenues for growth. Stenn prides itself on creating opportunities for our team members to learn, develop and grow both professionally and personally.
Positive impact
We are democratising access to capital for businesses globally and helping accelerate their growth every day. Our customers and their success is at the core of what drives us.
Fintech evolution
Fintech evolution - Rapid technological advancement, changing consumer behaviour, globalisation and the need to rapidly respond to this environment makes for a dynamic and exciting sector.
We’re one team together
We work together and play together and we do it as one team with a common vision and purpose.

Making a difference

We’re a software company making a huge difference positively impact the lives of SME business owners by providing risk-free finance to fuel their business to growth. We have a proven track record and achieved profitability before receiving our Series A funding, $50 million; from Centerbridge.
You’ll be part of the growing team here at Stenn; a business which is already a category leader in the verticals and markets in which we operate.
Richard Todd
Structuring Director

"Genuinely feeling that I am adding value to the business every day that I come to work and that that is valued."

Kanishka Khanna
Product Director

"Building financial products that contribute to growth in a culture that values collaboration, transparency, & inclusion."

Krish Magdani
People & Culture Operations Manager

"Since joining, everyone has been so welcoming. It is a great environment to collaborate, learn and grow with talented colleagues."

Azrie Affendie
Senior Business Analyst

"Stenn's working environment really encourages learning, co-operation & mindfulness. I have already developed my skills across the board."

William Bennison
Senior Data Analyst

"Stenn has always had a strong sense of family about it. As much as it is a job, we collaborate so well that it feels like home."

Janki Amlani
Accounts Payable Manager

"Seeing Stenn's talent grow. Meeting and learning from new individuals in various departments with the same goal and visions."

Cara Dyer
FP&A Manager

"The culture! Warm, receptive & collaborative. Everyone seems genuinely excited to build a great company & truly add value together."

Peter de Souza
Vice President, Partnerships

"The scope, the challenge and the people - diverse, collaborative, ambitious and really nice. My kind of tribe!"

Veeraj Adatia
Vice President, Structuring

"A diverse mix of experiences, cultures, interests and personalities!"

Konstantin Skirtach
IT Support Manager

"At Stenn I enjoy working with great Team players, Corporate Culture but most I enjoy "Power of Thinking" which Stenn creates."

Working at Stenn is

Daring to innovate

200+ Employees

15 Nationalities

22 Languages

Our Mission

We unleash the potential of ambitious businesses

Our Vision

By delivering the world’s leading marketplace for innovative growth solutions

A Culture of Belonging

Our philosophy on creating a more diverse and inclusive environment.
At Stenn, we want to ensure every team member feels like they belong and are operating in an environment that is free from judgement, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, and lifestyle preference. We celebrate differences, and we seek to hear unique perspectives because it helps us all to learn. Our culture of belonging drives us to be more innovative, creative, and successful.
As we continue on our growth journey, we know that bringing together diverse talent leads to better company-wide innovation, improved financial results and better decision making.

Life at Stenn

Meet the Leadership Team

Our leadership team at Stenn are a powerhouse of expertise, passion, and dedication. With their strategic vision, industry knowledge, and unwavering commitment, they lead us towards excellence, innovation, and sustainable growth in a global marketplace.

Our Values Guide Everything We Do

Embrace Big Dreams
We pour our hearts into every endeavour, transforming possibilities into realities. Our ambition fuels a relentless drive to be the best, pushing boundaries and venturing into whole new areas. We know what we want, and we know how to get it.
Dare to Innovate
With unwavering courage, we’re not afraid of challenging conventions and pushing boundaries. When we run with new ideas, we do so fearlessly. We either succeed and elevate to new heights or fail fast, embrace the wisdom of learning and forge ahead. Our confidence comes from our unshakeable belief that there is no problem we can't solve.
Elevate Together
Our true potential is realised when we’re eager collaborators, our collective strengths surpassing individual capabilities. We speak up respectfully and rally as one, combining our unique talents to accomplish the extraordinary. Everything we need to succeed lives within our team, so we pull together and get it done.
Champion Success
Our achievements define who we are. They echo through our business, and serve as milestones to celebrate. Each victory fuels our confidence, sparking inspiration and driving us forward to embrace change and take on every opportunity.