Stenn Joins American Apparel & Footwear Association

July 23, 2020

Stenn International, a UK-based provider of online trade finance services, today announced membership in the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA). Representing more than 1,000 world-famous name brands, manufacturers, and retailers, AAFA is the trusted public policy and political voice of America's apparel and footwear industry, which contributes more than $400 billion in annual U.S. retail sales.

John Evascu, Stenn Business Development Director, will join AAFA's Trade Policy Committee, which serves as the principal advisory voice to AAFA on trade and other legislative and regulatory matters at national and international levels, as well as the Social Responsibility Committee, which identifies and studies global social responsibility issues and trends that affect the U.S. apparel and footwear industry.

Dr. Kerstin Braun, President of Stenn Group, commented: "At Stenn, our chief aim is to support companies involved in global trade, particularly during the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. AAFA has been a leader in providing advocacy and resources for manufacturers and importers impacted by the crisis. By injecting desperately-need liquidity to foster the return to trade, Stenn's financial solutions are a complement to their mission."

John Evascu, Business Development Director at Stenn, commented: "I am deeply honored to join AAFA's Trade Policy and Social Responsibility committees and look forward to sharing knowledge with, and learning from, leaders in the global apparel and footwear trade. In these challenging times, we at Stenn seek to be a constructive contributor and a resource to companies across the industry as they strive to rebound from the disruptions caused by the global Coronavirus pandemic."

Maureen Storch, Senior Vice President, Membership at AAFA, commented: "AAFA is pleased to welcome its newest member, Stenn International. With their focus on trade finance, and AAFA's priority work on trade policy, it seems a natural fit to bring Stenn into the AAFA community. We look forward to their active participation on our Trade Policy and Social Responsibility Committees and the value-add they'll bring to the membership."