Stenn joins AmCham to support Mexican economic development

January 25, 2022

Stenn joined AmCham last November to become a key ally in the development of small and medium-sized exporting enterprises (SMEs) in Mexico, a goal it has had since its arrival in the country in 2020.

As the fastest growing online trade finance provider, Stenn began operating in Mexico at a crucial time to support businesses seeking secure, flexible and fast financing. Stenn offers a fast and risk-free financing solution for businesses that need to unfreeze their working capital after the demands of the COVID-19 crisis.

Its goal is to fuel free trade and business growth between Mexico and the United States. Through active participation in AmCham's bi-national business community, Stenn plans to increase the supply of international invoice financing throughout the country and Latin America.

Stenn provides fast funding for companies to grow their businesses and/or expand into international markets. Like AmCham, it is committed to facilitating trade integration between Mexico and the United States and building a better and more competitive business environment. Stenn's participation in AmCham represents a great opportunity for Mexican companies engaged in trade with the U.S. and vice versa.

Javier Fernandez, Director of LatAm Marketing at Stenn International says: "At Stenn we analyse the evolution of Latin American SMEs and aim to support them in their international trade agreements. We understand the importance of Mexico as a trading partner of the United States, and can identify the key issues companies face when exporting or importing. We provide a unique factoring service that has become a critical part of supporting the economic recovery of cash-strapped companies. Our membership of AmCham will be of great help because these types of alliances are crucial for the continent's economic recovery."

Ana López Mestre, Vice President and CEO of AmCham, says: "One of AmCham's most important tasks is to help build a better prepared and more competitive business community, including SMEs, in accordance with best corporate practices and international standards. 

Today, AmCham's number one priority is to contribute to Mexico's economic recovery, building on our strategic alliance with the United States. We invite Stenn employees to get involved with the Chamber, participate in our National Committee Network and take advantage of the benefits of connecting with other professionals and doing business."


About AmCham:

The American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico (AmCham) is a binational business community of more than 1,000 companies. Throughout its 104-year history, it has been committed to generating free trade, the rule of law and a better business environment. Since its founding, it has promoted transparency and best practices - both inside and outside the business sector - and has helped its members grow their businesses. AmCham's proactive voice helps facilitate the growing trade relations between Mexico and the United States.


About Stenn:

Stenn is headquartered in London, offers financing services in 74 countries and has financed more than $8 billion (USD) of invoices worldwide since its inception. It is backed by financial giants such as HSBC, Barclays and Natixis and can provide cash to exporting companies in far less time than a bank. It has become a strategic ally of companies in the cross-border trade sector, offering online funds from $10 thousands (USD) to $10 million (USD). Companies often use these funds to finance their operations and drive growth. 

Stenn aims to use strategic partnerships and innovative practices to assist and stimulate the growth of SME exporters seeking fast and secure financing for their international transactions.


For media requests:

Javier A. Fernandez | Marketing Manager Latam

Stenn International Ltd.

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