Stenn joins BritCham to benefit Colombian trading companies

March 7, 2022

Stenn continues its impressive growth by securing a key partnership to boost small and medium-size (SMEs) international exporter companies in Colombia and announces its membership with BritCham.

Stenn is the fastest growing and most innovative online factoring service provider in the market and has arrived in Colombia at a critical moment. To date, Stenn has issued over $8 billion of finance to SMEs in over 70 countries and was recently named in the FT1000 as one of the top-10 fastest growing fintechs in Europe. 

It plans to be the partner of choice for exporting companies looking for reliable, flexible and fast financing in a post-pandemic landscape. Stenn offers a risk-free capital flow solution for companies that need to unfreeze their working capital after the difficulties of the COVID-19 crisis. It processes applications more quickly than a bank and will often offer finance to companies that have been refused bank credit. 

Stenn plans to boost free trade and business growth between Colombia and the UK and is collaborating with BritCham to increase the supply of international invoice finance throughout the country and Latin America as a whole.

Both Colombia and the UK are very open for business and the two countries enjoy a historic commercial and diplomatic closeness. Stenn is a leader in providing access to funds so that companies can grow their businesses and/or expand into international markets. For its part, BritCham is ideally positioned as a reliable gateway for companies seeking viable business opportunities in both markets. The alliance between Stenn and BritCham represents a great opportunity for Colombian exporters.

Javier Fernandez, LatAm Marketing Manager at Stenn International says: "We understand the importance and influence of Colombia in the world, the diversity of its products, its geographical position and the amount of SMEs that contribute to its GDP. This makes it a country of great economic opportunities that Stenn can support through factoring. With this alliance with BritCham Colombia, we are confident that we can meet that goal, and we will position ourselves as a great partner in international digital factoring services in this market".

Michael H.C. Phillips, Executive Director of BritCham Colombia says: "We are very excited to start working with the internationally recognized firm, Stenn International. This new alliance is evidence of the interest of many UK companies in investing in the Colombian market, and we are delighted that Stenn has chosen BritCham as its partner for this new challenge. Together we will be working to strengthen the international trade processes in Colombia for the benefit of companies and entrepreneurs in both countries".


About BritCham:

BritCham is the official British-Colombian Chamber of Commerce. Its mission is to promote prosperity and drive business opportunities across many sectors and it has institutional support from the British Embassy Colombia, the Department for International Trade and other key influencers. BritCham's specialist expertise, innovative approach, detailed market knowledge and extensive network enables strategic business matching and targeting across the UK and Colombia, allowing companies to seek greater commercial success and expand their operations.


About Stenn:

Stenn is one of the top-10 fastest growing fintechs in Europe.

Founded in 2015, the business provides a digital banking platform for global SMEs, helping to bridge a $3.6 trillion (USD) financing gap through a fast, simple, online solution.

To date Stenn has provided over $8 billion (USD) of finance to SMEs in over 70 countries, by connecting them with capital providers including global blue-chip institutional partners such as HSBC, Barclays, M&G Investments, Natixis, Allstate, Crayhill, Nationale Nederlanden, ICONIQ Capital and Insight Investment.


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Javier A. Fernandez | Marketing Manager Latam
Stenn International Ltd.

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